China water well drilling rig

HT-150 drilling rig

HT-150 drill is a new-type of the shallow hole drill which is mainly used in engineering geological exploration and it can also be used to geological core drilling and small-scale water well drilling.
1.      Range of Application
(1) The drill can be used in many fields such as railway, highway, bridge, power plant, tunnel, and both industry and civil building engineering geological exploration and geological core drilling or small-scale water well drilling.
(2) Different drilling technology can be selected such as diamond, alloy, steel sand or grain with regard to the different geological condition.
(3) The drilling condition can be 2-9 sand clay or bedding course.
2.      Key features
(1) The drill is a device with mechanical transmission system and hydraulic pressure automatic feeding system, with high drilling efficiency. So it can lessen the labour intensity.
(2) With a wide range of speed and a broad application.
(3) Large drilling torque, high strength and strong capacity of drilling.
(4) With large diameter hole of spindle, and a good adaptability in drilling technology.
(5) Equipped with ball holder, it can lift rod without stopping machine. So it is safe and reliable and has good serviceability.
(6) Water pump and drill are installed on the different frames. They can be driven by the same power or driven by the separate power for convenient disassembly or shipment.
Main Specifications

Item Unit Quantity Remarks
Basic parameters Drilling depth Φ42mm rod
Aw rod
m 150 150
  Φ50mm rod
Bw rod
m 110  
Max. drilling diameter Φ50、BW rod mm 150  
Φ42、AW rod mm 130  
 Hole inclination   360°  
 Weight of drill Kg 380(without power) without power
Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 1310x700x1360  
gyrator Spindle speed r/min 58;130;268;415;598  
Spindle stroke mm 450  
Max. torque of spindle N.m 1275  
Spindle I.D. mm 57  
Max. hoisting capacity of spindle kN 30  
Max.pressuring capacity of spindle kN 23  
windlass Max. hoisting capacity of single rope kN 12.5  
Hoisting speed of single rope m/s 0.32;0.70;1.45;2.24;
Rope diameter mm 10  
Rope capacity m 30  
Brake block diameter mm 240  
Brake block width mm 50  
Oil pump
Model   YBC-12/80  
Output volume ml/r 12  
Rated pressure Mpa 8  
Rated speed r/min 1500  
Power unit Diesel engine Model   S1100A2N  
12 hour power KW 9.8  
Specified rotational speed  
Rotational speed in use 1800  
Electromotor (1) Model   Y160M-4-B3 drive water pump
Power KW 11  
Speed r/min 1460  
Electromotor (2) Model   Y132M-4-B3 without water pump
Power KW 7.5  
Speed r/min 1440  
Water pump Model   BW-160H   refer to BW-160H manual

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