China water well drilling rig

XD-5 Drilling rig

I Brief and Use
XD-5 (T) all-hydraulic driven drill is specially designed for earths surface coring operation of solid mineral reserves, and it is applicable to a great variety of high efficiency drilling process such as diamond rope sampling, impact gyration, directional drilling, counter-circle consecutive sampling and so on. Also it can be used in water well, anchoring drilling and engineering geology drilling technology. The principal machine contains trailer type chassis, diesel engine, hydraulic system, operating system, boring tower, main hoist, wireline coring winch, drill head, feeding system of drill head and well head clamper. XD-5 (T) hydraulic driven drill is controlled all by electro hydraulic, and the operation and control are concentrated and exact and convenient. As compared with traditional spindle type drill, efficiency and security of coring operation increase greatly.
Main Features
1. Adopt modularized design, and it is convenient to disassemble and assemble. The capability of the drill rig is strong and reliability is high.

  1. The drill rig equips itself with a 4 shifts manual gear box, and its intensity is reliable and it is convenient to maintain it. It can realize stepless rotate speed regulation between 0 and 1250, and the speed range is wide and the torque is big. So it is advantageous for various drilling technologies which are mainly diamond drilling to choose rotate speed.
  2. Adopting hydraulic crawler type or trailer type chassis the move of drill is fast and convenient.
  3. Drill head adopts the connecting rod reinforcement spring clamp and hydraulic pressure loosen normal close chuck whose structures are novel and compensate performance is good and hard alloy welding on spider, the clamping can be with large force, longevity and high reliability. Via hole diameter isφ117mm and it can be used in the drilling execution of different apertures according to domestic or overseas standard by changing spider.
  4. Equipped with touchdown oil cylinder it is convenient to drill angle hole. Main hoist can realize speed adjustment with constant power.
  5. Feed travel of drill rig is long, so it is of great advantage to improve drilling efficiency. Instrument is complete, and equipped with display and monitoring instruments of some parameters such as rotate speed, pressure, oil temperature,pump pressure and power system etc.. it is convenient to know the conditions of equipments and hole to reduce hole trouble.
  6. Feeding has the working state of pressure drilling and tension drilling, weighing and fast hoisting etc..
  7. Critical components such as hydraulic pump, motor, control valve and so on are all productions of inward or well-known home-made joint investment brand. The precision of parts and components is high, and reliability of equipment is good. The degree of standardization and generalize of drill rig is high, so it is convenient to maintain it and maintenance cost is low.
  8. Hydraulic system adopts new structure and the sealing is reliable. Hydraulic pressure drives mud pump and mud agitator, and it is needless to have any other auxiliary power in the process of drilling.
  9. Adopt hydraulic jacks that are telescopic. The complete machine works steadily.
Ⅲ Technical Specification

  1. Sampling task depth(cord style or tradition style)
         Drill pipe standard            Drilling depth
BQ(φ55.5)                 1650m
NQ(φ70)                  1235m
HQ(φ89)                   850m
PQ(φ114)                  500m,

  1. Windlass hoisting capacity
Main windlass:
Hoisting capacity: single rope----- free line drum >7700 kg
Hoisting speed: free line drum    72m/min
Steel cable dimension:  60m×18mm
Subsidiary windlass:
Hoisting capacity: free line drum 1200kg
                        full line drum  400kg
Steel cable dimension:  1200m×7mm
3.  Main mast and propel system
Feed stroke: 3200mm
Feed tempo: fast and slow with speed change control
Propelling force: 45KN
Elevating force: 135KN
Drilling angle: vertical to 45°
Drill pipe elevating length: 6m
4.  Power station
Manufacturer of engine: Cummins
Model:  6BTA5.9-C180
Power: 132 KW
Rotate speed: 2000rpm    Max: 2200rpm
Engine style: Turbocharged
5.  Hydraulic system
Main pump: 190L/min    25.5MPa
Subsidiary pump: 50L/min    14 MPa
Assistant pump: 64L/min    15 MPa
Hydraulic oil cooling:   Air cooling
6.  Drill head /Drill spindle rotate speed:

Gear Rotate speed (rpm) Torque(Nm)
1 level 119-193 5175-3187
2 level 218-353 2826-1743
3 level 418-678 1475-910
4 level 761-1234 761-500
7.  Chuck assembly
Type: Hydraumatic open    Spring close
Maximum inside diameter: 117 (or 127) mm
Centre gripping capacity: 20000kg


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